Professor Ed Henry…

CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry has a unusual role in FishbowlDC’s life right now. He’s teaching our intern at GW University in a class called “Both Sides of the Podium” or “Across the Podium” depending on what course material you read. Our intern, along with other students taking the class, is not allowed to utter a thing Henry says. All lectures have been classified as “off the record.” Former Clinton Press Sec. Joe Lockhart and former AP and McLatchy reporter Prof. Michael Shanahan are teaching the class alongside Henry. Other professors will offer guest lectures throughout the semester.

The class began last week and entailed analyzing POTUS’s eulogy of the Arizona shootings and White House Press Sec. Robert Gibbs‘ departure and who ought to replace him. A description of the course on GW’s website says it will cover “all aspects of how American Presidents prepare their messages over the long and short term as well as the makeup and practices of the disparate White House press corps.”

Don’t worry, Ed. We’re going to leave this one alone. Happy teaching.