Productivity Tips For Working From Anywhere

Mashable posted a list yesterday about how you can be the most productive in any situation, whether it’s on the road, at home, or in a traditional office.

We’re leery of these lists because they often say the same things over and over. But this list had some truly good ideas.

For the home office, if you happen to have kids home during the day: get a box of “special” toys that your kids get to play with only when you’re on the phone or in otherwise ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DISTURB mode. Keeping them special means that your kids really will be quiet when you need to hear that conference call.

At the office, if you can stand to, get there an hour before everyone else does. It’ll give you a chance to get work done distraction-free.

At a coworking space, if you’re lucky enough to have one: Return to the same desk every day. It’ll make you feel more like you have a “real” office, “and people with offices must be productive because they pay a higher rent, right?”

If you’re working from the local coffee shop, make friends with the barista. S/he may be able to introduce you to other customers/potential clients. (Not to mention friends don’t glare at friends when they don’t buy enough lattes!)

If you’re working from the airport, use Foursquare to check in. We rolled our eyes, too, but director Andrew Lazorchak says the tips from other users are invaluable. “For instance, I can check in to terminal B at Logan International, and I can find a tip that says, ‘Logan International has free Wi-Fi and if you go to the Legal Seafood bar, they have outlets for every stool at the bar.’ Now that is helpful.”

And if you’re a road warrior, try listening to something other than the morning radio. Shakespeare? Wagner? Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, says that “it definitely gets your mind in the game more than listening to drive-time shock jocks.”

More than 30 more tips at the Mashable post. What’s your favorite? One that wasn’t suggested here?