Production Designer Jack Fisk Gets an Oscar Push


You can always tell when the PR machine kicks up full force around awards season. And it’s not a difficult thing to figure out when you’ve got things like full sections in the NY Times‘ Sunday edition entitled The Oscars (which was filled, primarily, with ads for movies that would really, really, really like for you, if you’re a judge, to think back and remember how really, really, really great that movie was). But not ones to leave anyone behind (see: people who aren’t George Clooney), they even got some of the little folks in there (see: the people who do the work but don’t get any attention, even at said awards). Stuck in among the ads and the George Clooney was this great piece about production designer (and Mr. Sissy Spacek) Jack Fisk, who will likely get an Oscar nod for his work in “There Will Be Blood,” judging from his recent win of a Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award and likely more to come. Here’s a bit:

“There Will Be Blood” is his first collaboration with Mr. Anderson, whom he was quick to put in the company of Mr. Lynch and Mr. Malick. “Like a lot of films I work on, it doesn’t seem commercial,” Mr. Fisk said in a recent interview in Manhattan. “But I think 20 years from now people will still be talking about it, the way they talk about ‘Badlands’ and ‘Eraserhead.'”