Product Clash Helps Online Shoppers Pick Products

Product comparisons get a twist as items go head-to-head on Product Clash.product_clashThese days it’s impossible for me to buy anything – especially consumer electronics – without scouring the Web for other people’s opinions. The problem that has occurred over the past few years is the flood of information. Basically, too many product reviews. Product Clash hopes to address the issue by relying on the wisdom of crowds. In a nutshell, two products go against each other and users vote for the one they prefer. So if you’re in the market for a mobile music player and want to compare what people think of the iPod vs. Zune, you can set up a battle and see what the public thinks.

Product Clash believes purchasing decisions are based on three main criteria:

1. The Influential Power of other people

2. Emotional Connection to the brand or product category

3. The underlying rational need for a product or a service

If the site catches on it will be interesting to see what measures they take to regulate company’s inevitable attempts to school the system and make their products come out on top.

A Facebook application recently launched and improved widgets are on the way.