Procter & Gamble ‘Sponsored’ the Birth of Jonas Brother’s Daughter

Here’s something we’re glad we missed earlier this month:

Live-tweeting the birth of your first child is just a symptom of the social age, and it’s true that many, many people have exploited their own kids for money in the past and will continue to do so (do we even need to name names?).

But getting corporate sponsorship for the “event”? That’s a little weird, and Jonathan Tilley of PR Week UK is not amused—not even a little bit.

Tilley calls it the “flop of the month”. We get why Procter & Gamble thought tying the birth of a tween idol’s tot to its own baby products would boost its Twitter following. We also guess one could argue that selling pictures of your newborn to People or US Weekly for millions is just as crass, but at least those rags carry the pretense of “news.”

Remember: even Kim and J-Lo didn’t turn the miracle of motherhood into a paid ad.

[H/T Dorothy Crenshaw]

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