Problems with Google Listen

Google Listen is one of the most used apps on my Nexus S because I use this app to listen to podcasts on my way to and from work every day. I like how Google Listen is integrated with Google Reader, which makes it easy for me to add subscriptions to my phone, and I really like how it maintains a queue of the most recent podcast episodes so that I can listen to the newest ones first.

On Tuesday I discovered that for some reason Google Listen did not download any new episodes, and when I pressed the refresh button it did not find any updates. Unfortunately, I did not have any episodes in my queue and I knew a new episode of This Week In Tech was released on Sunday, so I used the TWiT Android app to listen to the episode during my commute.

This morning I found an article on Android Guys that confirmed the problem with Google Listen and provides instructions to work around the problem. However, when I started up Listen on my phone the listening queue was refreshed with a list of new episodes. Android Guys later updated the article with information that confirms Google fixed the problem. If you still are experiencing the problem, you might try the work around that Android Guys provides and keep it for future reference if the problem reoccurs. I’ve stored a copy of the article in Evernote.