Pro-Green Apple? Product Design Says Different


In response to that last post, there are other stereotypes about design that don’t always play to the Apple crowd’s favor. In this post over at EcoGeek, Apple‘s Unfixable Gadgets…Made to Break?” they talk to Brett Mosley, a guy who fixes up broken electronics and re-sells them, who talks about the design of Apple’s iPhones and iPods and how they are constructed to be completely un-repairable. Unfortunately, as they go on to say, this does not bode well for the supposed green-ness the company has fashioned for itself. Here’s a bit:

“…it comes down to the fact that, when choosing between extending the life of their gadgets and making things look pretty, Apple is landing on the side of pretty.

“Making these models more difficult to repair is invariably un-green in the long run. By reducing their future re-use, value and lifespan, Apple is basically saying, ‘These gadgets are no use after two years, so send them back to us for recycling, and buy a new one.'”