Pro Football Hall of Fame Putting Up Hall of Fame Social Numbers

Total engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter was up 144.6% year-over-year in April

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is empty for now, but its social channels are full Pro Football Hall of Fame
Headshot of David Cohen

People have not been able to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, since the onset of the coronavirus, but that hasn’t stopped pigskin aficionados from visiting its social channels.

In the period from March 12 through May 17, the Hall of Fame has produced 58 hours of video, 156 graphics for its social media platforms and 19 The Mission podcasts with its members.

Comparing April to the same month last year, the Hall of Fame’s total impressions across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter rose 77.3%, while total engagement soared 144.6% and followers across all of the platforms were up 12%.

From March 1 through May 15, the top-performing content on Facebook, by impressions, was a biography video of Troy Polamalu and a 1990s Hall of Famer of the Decade video featuring Brett Favre.

The announcement about the 2020 Hall of Fame Game and an obituary of Bobby Mitchell paced Twitter in impressions during that time period, while Instagram was led by Tom Brady twice, when he left the New England Patriots and his signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The top content in terms of engagement (likes, comments and shares) over that same time period was the Polamalu biography and Hall of Fame Game announcement on Facebook; Guess the NFL Draft Card—Julian Edelman (tops overall) and Guess the NFL Draft Card—Troy Polamalu on Twitter; and the two Brady news pieces once again on Instagram.

The Polamalu biography and Favre Hall of Famer of the Decade videos topped Facebook in terms of views from March 1 though May 16, while the Mitchell obit and Isaac Bruce’s presenter announcement paced Twitter, and the Class of 2016 Knock Video and a Hall of Fame Visit Recap featuring Steve Hutchinson and Edgerrin James did so on Instagram.

Pro Football Hall of Fame David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.