PRNewswire Confirms “Realignment”


First on PRNewser: A tipster wrote in today and stated “at least 20 people lost their jobs this week at PRNewswire, many of them veteran account managers…” Reached for comment, PRNewswire VP of Public Relations Rachel Meranus confirmed that changes had been made at the company. “We did a realignment of our sales force yesterday which brought all sales positions under one ‘organization’ and all customer service or support positions under another,” she said.

Meranus told PRNewser that the PRNewswire will now have “two distinct organizations with distinct responsibilities between those who sell our services to our customers and those who support the services we sell. Part of the realignment focused on putting more people in positions that will have direct, in-person contact with customers, rather than simply phone contact.”

She said that the company “did eliminate some positions,” but would not comment on any specific numbers of employees affected, except to say, “most of the positions that were eliminated are being replaced.”

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