PRNewser Tweeting Tonight’s “Digital Marketing in a Downturn” Panel

From the events department: There are still some tickets left for tonight’s event, “Digital Marketing in a Downturn:
How to Get Results Now and Build a Base for the Future
.” Get them now before they’re all gone!

Hear from panelists Shiv Singh (Avenue A/Razorfish), Paul Borgese (AP Digital), Evan Krauss (JumpTap), Lee Chapman (Translation), and Larry Weintraub (Fanscape) on what you should be doing to generate the best results from your marketing programs.

If you’re not in NYC, make sure to follow @prnewser on Twitter as we will be providing updates from the event.

Editor’s note: We apologize for the small amount of updates and typos in our tweets from last night’s event. Wi-fi turned out to be super spotty inside the theater and we were not able to update as we once had hoped.