PRNewser Turns One: Your Thoughts

As we mentioned yesterday, we’ll be running commentary from readers in the run up to our big one year anniversary party next Thursday in NYC. Have you RSVP‘d yet?

We begin with our first installment:

Paull Young, Social Media Strategist, Converseon

“Tightening corporate budgets will force PR to provide stronger measurement, this will mean that smart PR operatives will start doing better work with detailed, measurable objectives online. However, it’ll also make it a tough year for the majority who aren’t ready to deal with the new communications environment brought about by social media.”

“PRNewser is the best source for NYC PR news, trends and gossip. Fast becoming one of my favorite PR blogs and a must-read for any Manhattan Media Maven.”

Kelly Samardak, Writer, MediaPost’s Just An Online Minute

“Straight talking, personality embracing, and no BS = worth the time stop to read.”

Thanks Paull and Kelly! Do you want to comment on PRNewser or the future of PR in general? Send us your thoughts.