PRNewser Turns One: Your Thoughts

We are continuing our series of commentary from readers in the run up to our big one year anniversary party this Thursday in NYC. Have you RSVP‘d yet? You still have some time!

Dave Armon, President, PR Newswire:

I’m not a fan of Ronald Reagan, but his “Tear down this wall” challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev illustrates why PR will be successful even in this generation’s toughest economy. PR in the Internet age is omnidirectional, so you get a real-time focus group by jumping into the fray rather than relying on gatekeepers. The old structure of walling off an organization’s thought leaders will lead to isolation and obsolescence.

PR pros who truly engage with their audiences will be indispensable as revenue drivers and sources of real-time intelligence about their organization’s reputation. At no time in history have the tools available to the savvy PR practitioner been more powerful and accurate.

Sabrina Horn, Founder and CEO, Horn Group (Disclosure: I work there!)

On the future of PR, “2009 will be a year for thinking on our feet, being nimble and quick, and embracing change. Who was it that said the only thing constant is change? There will be change in the PR industry as it continues to morph into something new, as well as change we will need to anticipate and roll with due to the impact of our economy on our clients. Get ready to rumble folks!!”

On PRNewser, “I like PRNewser because its direct yet friendly in an approachable sort of way. I like that you guys get the inside scoop on things before others and you stay away from the run of the mill newsletter content.”

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