PRNewser Signing Off, Are You Pitching Anything This Weekend?

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Jason and I are signing off a bit early today to head to our respective oceanside Hamptons mansions, er, I mean modest NYC area abodes for the holiday weekend. We hope you enjoy the long weekend and come back renewed and refreshed afterwards.

In the meantime, for all you hard working PR pros, did you employ the time honored tactic of the “holiday weekend” pitch? It’s pretty simple: the combination of a slow news weekend and all of the regular TV news guests being out of town combines for a perfect storm to get your client some airtime.

PRNewser heard from one booker at a cable news network who didn’t want to be named but said:

I would say that it is definitely easier for a publicist to book guests on Memorial Day weekend and other holidays because:

1. It is (usually) a slower news day

2. People are away so they are less likely to be able to come on the show.

So, are you putting your pitching magic to work in an attempt to fill the holiday news hole? If you find success, let us know.