PRNewser Poll: Should the ‘I Love NY’ Logo Be Changed?

As we mentioned in the Ticker this morning, New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo has launched a $5 million tourism campaign that will change the iconic “I ♥ NY” logo in order to reflect the many wonderful things there are to do in the state.

“You still have the icon but you have to bring it back to New York. You have to reimagine, you have to reenergize it,” said Gov. Cuomo. The folks at ad agency BBDO agree the logo has been diluted by co-opting and overuse.

Ordinary people are being asked to submit their ideas for what the new logo should look like. An ad (available after the jump) changes the heart to, among other things, a roller coaster, wine, and Niagra Falls.

Business Insider has done a number of stories about the evolution of long-standing and well-liked logos. But the decision to rebrand in this way is a major one.

For today’s PRNewser poll, we ask, “Should the ‘I ♥ NY” logo be revamped?” Click through to vote after the jump. The poll closes tomorrow at noon.

And in the comments, we invite you to share your thoughts about when a business or organization should redesign their logo.