PRNewser Poll: Opinion Split About Whether Sheen Internship is a Good Opportunity

Today is the final day for interested prospects to send their first-round applications for the summer social media internship with Charlie Sheen. According to a follow-up press release from, more than 74,000 applications had been received by Wednesday.

In this week’s PRNewser poll, we asked if this was a good opportunity for an aspiring student. Nearly 52 percent of respondents said “yes”; and about half, 48 percent, said it wasn’t.

“It’s not a one size fits all answer,” Andy Getsey, co-founder and CEO of Atomic PR told us in an email.

“It’s a highly individualized decision that could be right for some people, and wrong for others. It could work out wildy well if things pan out, or it could follow you around in a bad way if the saga plays out poorly,” he added.

The Hollywood Reporter used the Marketing Arm‘s Davie Brown Index for a survey earlier this week, finding that while Sheen’s awareness increased dramatically, his appeal score sank 18 points — putting him in the same territory as Bristol Palin and Barry Bonds — and his trust score ranks him number 2,680 — in the Spencer Pratt/Courtney Love area.

On the other hand, Charlie Sheen and his “warlock in training” have just announced live theater events, memorabilia is being sold, and his ongoing lawsuit and other legal issues should keep him in the news for a while.

Getsey went on to suggest the intern should use a “clever alias” and “then reveal if everything turns out OK.” Sounds like a good idea.

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