PRNewser Enters Top 100 PR Blog List at #55

So generally we never toot our own horn here at PRNewser, but we are pretty psyched to have joined the ranks of the top 100 PR blogs, according to Brendan Cooper’s latest “PR Friendly Index.”

Brendan is a social media planner at Porter Novelli, who takes the time to rank the top 100 PR blogs, according to various Technorati, Google, Yahoo and IceRocket metrics.

UPDATE: This post has been changed to reflect the following statement from Brendan: “Btw, I just want to point out that I’ve updated the PR Newser and Point Oh change indicators to say ‘new’. This is as a result of PR Newser claiming to be the fastest growing blog on the index! I appreciate the sentiment guys, but you’re the ‘latest’ addition, not the highest moving! Let’s wait until next month before we start to assess movement.”

Editor’s note: We originally claimed to be the fastest growing PR blog as our +25 point gain was the highest on Brendan’s list. This has listing has now been revised, hence the update.