Priveyo: Create private social communities on iOS and Google Play

Image via Priveyo
Image via Priveyo

Priveyo’s social media application looks to solve a communication problem among groups of people, all of which hope to keep the information shared between them private. The Priveyo app on iOS and Android allows users to share photos, videos, status updates and more, all with control over who sees that information.

Pirveyo combines aspects from YouTube, Facebook and even newsletters into an experience that separates users into “Privys,” or private groups. A church group, for instance, could share information about upcoming services only with members of its congregation, while specific church members could schedule a special holiday lunch from within that group.

Information can be shared publicly with all members in a Priveyo group, can be locked behind a password, or can be entirely private, only allowing invited users to access it. Users can browse public clubs to find others to interact with, or they can simply use the app to securely interact with others they already know. Parents, for instance, may be more willing to share information and pictures of their children with long-distance friends and acquaintances, instead of sharing that information on a larger scale.

Priveyo is free to download and use in a basic form, but additional features including local advertising controls, administration support and additional management tools can be accessed via one of two monthly plans. These cost up to $129 per month, depending on how many features a user wishes to unlock.

Priveyo’s features are similar to those of Fan Pages on Facebook, but without the need for privacy micromanagement. Priveyo also ensures that users won’t have to worry about changes in privacy policies, which often happens within larger social networks like Facebook.

The app is now available to download on iOS and Google Play. You can track its progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.