Have A Private Twitter Chat Just By Typing “!b”

With more than a billion messages being tweeted every week, Twitter is the place to be if you want in on the conversation – any conversation. But with all of that chatter, it can be hard to focus in on one or two people you’re interested in having a real conversation with.

That’s where !blether comes in.

With !blether, you can have private chats with one or more Twitter users, simply by @mentioning them and starting your tweet with “!b”.

Like the “d” command in tweets, which creates a direct message, “!b” now gets you started in a private group chat.

Here’s how it works:

Being your tweet with “!b”. Then include the name(s) of the other Twitter users you want to include in the chat. These can be anyone, not just people you are following or who are following you.

Hit “send”, and your tweet will be sent to each of the named users along with a link to a private !blether chat – a real-time group chat on the !blether website. Only those users who get that link may access it, meaning that your chat will only occur among those you specifically invite.

!blether works by continually scanning Twitter for the “!b” command. When it finds one, all of the users mentioned in that tweet will receive an @mention containing the link to the private chat.

The first product to come out of Blether Labs, !blether serves to fill the gap that Twitter leaves between private conversations and group chat. It isn’t super easy to do either on Twitter, and it’s impossible to do both at the same time: users current have to choose between direct messages (private) and hashtag chats (group).

!blether is available now to the public, so you can test it out now by sending a tweet beginning with “!b”, or get more information from the !blether website.

(Image courtesy of minifilm via Shutterstock)

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