Private Beta Partners To Showcase Virtual Goods Platform OpenFeint X

The team at Aurora Feint has been quite busy quietly building their platform with the social gaming industry anticipating the launch of their virtual goods service termed OpenFeint X. Aurora Feint is finally announcing that the platform will be out later this year, integrated with a few games from private beta partners. PikPok, RetroDreamer and Halfbrick Studios will showcase OpenFeint X’s power and validate the benefits of OpenFeint’s technology in taking advantage of a blossoming virtual goods economy on smartphones. Read more after the jump.

As we recently covered, Americans are expected to spend over $168M this year on virtual goods on smartphones. OpenFeint X will leverage this opportunity to provide developers assistance in operating free-to-play titles that rely on in-app purchases. OpenFeint’s availability in the cloud reduces the hassle of developers to setup server farms etc. at a fairly attractive pricing model.
One of the beta partners, Halfbrick Studios, has already taken full advantage of OpenFeint’s support to put their title Fruit Ninja at the top of the Paid Apps chart in iTunes. RetroDreamer and PikPok are also using OpenFeint to bring new virtual goods and updates to their players without building complex server architecture.

“With few good quality virtual goods-based social games available for smartphones, the market already exceeds $168 MM. We think that this is a tremendous revenue opportunity for game developers,” said Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint. “OpenFeint X offers game developers the opportunity to enter this market quickly without having to build the internal server expertise required to support scalable social games.”

OpenFeint X’s offering includes support for a full virtual goods store, a game-specific currency, real time revenue optimization, sandbox for server-side code and more. OpenFeint’s social gaming network boasts over 28 million users with integrations in 2,200 iPhone and iPad games. You can learn more about Open Feint here.