Prism Labs Tracks Customer Behaviors In Stores Through Video

Retailers have plenty of tools to track the behavior of customers who visit their sites online, but Prism SkyLabs is trying to bring behavioral marketing into physical locations using video surveillance.

A retailer, a restaurant, or any kind of customer-facing business can feed their surveillance video camera images into an app that will cut up the video feeds into information about how people interact within a business. The idea is to help companies better understand the customer experience and augment their marketing and customer service to better serve their needs.

TechCrunch has more: “Prism Skylabs can extract a visualization that will show the path that people are taking in a store (which can help owners gain insight into the performance of design or display), a heatmap of bodies and high or low traffic areas, a photo without any people in the store and more. And the startup takes this one step further by analyzing the video data and providing summaries of customer activity, behavior and movement.”

This week, the company announced that it has raised $7.5 million in funding.