Priority Mail Comes To Gmail

Today Google announced a new feature for Gmail, Priority Inbox. Gmail will automatically determine what are the top priority e-mail messages that you receive and filter them in the Priority Inbox. All other e-mails will be accessible in a general view, and spam will continue to be filtered into the spam folder. To determine which are your priority e-mails, Gmail will monitor the e-mail addresses of the messages that you read and send. Google did not specify whether it will be sorting the priority messages, which would requiring counting the messages read and sent to specific e-mail addresses.

Google did not provide any indication about whether the Priority Inbox feature will find its way to the mobile version of Gmail. In my opinion this type of filtering is even more important on mobile devices on which you want to quickly check messages. If the Priority Inbox is reliable, meaning that my important e-mails don’t fall through to the general view, I would like it to be the default view for Gmail on my Nexus One. Of course, I would prefer that Google provide a setting in Gmail that allows users to specific what default view they prefer.

Priority Inbox will start rolling out to Gmail users over the next two weeks, and we’ll keep watching to see whether Google makes any announcements about whether we will see it in mobile apps.