Print Your MySpace Photos and Profiles via an HP Branded Print Option

Today, when no one hardly prints on paper anymore and every company seems to be hot on the heels of promoting green propaganda, MySpace and HP decided to go against the tide and are actually encouraging MySpace members to print their profiles or photos they’ve uploaded on their MySpace profiles, via a print options that sits on MySpace members profile pages. The print option which bears the HP brand will start showing up sometime in November, according to a TechCrunch post.

Ok, granting that there are still some people who likes printing stuff on paper and assuming that they are on MySpace, well this feature could be a useful one. It’s a quicker way of printing stuff from MySpace rather than copy and pasting a MySpace page onto another program before sending that page to a printer.

For HP, this is a good advertising campaign of course and if MySpace users would find this feature useful, you could just imaging the number of online eyeballs the HP brand would get coming from the millions of MySpace users. But the thing is, are those MySpace users using that print option to print using HP printers? We will never know.

Is this a good advertising campaign for HP? Quiet frankly, I don’t think so. In the business environment, printing hard copies of business documents are being discouraged. More companies are riding on the wave of the environmentally green living. Moreso on a social network. Who would really want to print their MySpace profile or use this print option to print photos when they can actually print it directly upon uploading the photos onto their PCs from their digital cameras?