Princeton University Gives Kindle DX A B-/B

Princeton didn’t actually give the Kindle a grade, but the university did participate in a pilot program through which it gave participating students and professors a Kindle DX in exchange for a report on how they used the device in their academic lives. According to a university press release, the program shows that “e-Readers must be significantly improved to have the same value in a teaching environment as traditional paper texts.”

The results were predictably mixed. Most interesting is that students reported cutting down on their paper use by 50%, uploading readings to the Kindle instead. On the flip side, they made the usual complaints about being unable to highlight or take notes properly or to easily flip back and forth through pages.

Around 65% of those who participated in the study said they would not buy another eReader if theirs broke, though many also expressed interest in seeing future incarnations of eReader devices.

[Via eSchoolNews]