U.K.’s Hello! Magazine Revisits the Princess Diana Cover That Never Was

Issue #474 was all set

It remains a stunning image, despite the graininess that came from the moment being captured from afar with a telephoto lens.

The 20th anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana is approaching. For Hello! magazine, which has featured Her Royal Highness on the cover more than 80 times, it’s an occasion to look back in several different ways.

There is a special 148-page anniversary issue, on newsstands now. And, of course, the memory of this cover, which was bumped by the death of Princess Diana in Paris, for a more solemn one.

From Hello!’s piece:

The statuesque beauty contemplating the azure waters of the Mediterranean must have thought the possibilities in her life were as limitless as the horizon. Looking down to sea, Diana seemed to communicate that she was ready to take the plunge into a new role. She had been the world’s most famous Princess-bride and then the poster girl divorcee; she had been a celebrated fashion plate who could make a designer’s reputation; she had been a healing angel soothing the sick and the afflicted; she had been adored and had then withstood the shocks as the tabloid media grew ever more critical.

Adweek “Lunch” columnist Diane Clehane is currently putting the finishing touches on an alternative-history novel that envisions Princess Diana having survived, and been disfigured by, the Paris car crash. Imagining Diana will be published by Metabook on the anniversary date of Aug. 31, 2017.

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