Prince Is Not Thankful for His Online Fans


Talk about a “controversy” making people “delirious.”

In the record span of two months, the enigmatic-genius-symbol currently known as Prince did the unthinkable — he gave his fans what they wanted and then took it all away…along with his entire video collection online.

And then he drove away in his Little Red Corvette and made all the doves cry.

There’s something to be said for keeping your fans guessing and making them come back for more. Some of the beautiful people are better at doing that than others.

See that highly coiffed picture of the Purple One?

That was the profile pic from his Twitter account. It was official: Prince was on social media using the account of his all-lady band “3rd Eye Girl” and all the world was giddy. That was in August.

His “over it” October Facebook Q&A, however, gave us all a hint that The Artist may be a little anti-social.

prince-snlIt’s now November and none of his fans are giving thanks as Prince has deleted all social media accounts and removed almost every video featuring his name that has ever appeared on YouTube. In typical misanthropic fashion, a spokesperson for Prince declined to comment on the decision.

So after a two-month stint on Twitter, he vanishes like a fart in the wind. What’s even more peculiar is that his Vevo account only has three clips.

There must be some malevolent plan behind this. Is it about forcing people to PAY for music?

Or is it just a “Sign O’ The Times?”