Prince George Is the King of Crocs

Mums flocked to Amazon to get a pair.

The struggle has been very real for Crocs. But they’re getting some help in the PR department from none other than His Royal Highness Prince George, who was snapped wearing a pair of the shoes while attending the Festival of Polo (as an English Prince is wont to do). Shortly after, sales of the shoes were up 1,500 percent on Amazon. The rest of his outfit also flew off the shelves. In fact, reports Mashable:

Multiple reports say that children’s apparel sales have sky rocketed in the United Kingdom because of Prince George, and the royal tyke was responsible for a £247 million economy boost around the time of his birth — that’s $388,667,000. Not only is he a fashion icon, he’s an economic miracle. All hail the little prince!

Lots of fashion brands send complimentary items to celebrities in order to get that association captioned in a pap photo. But getting in with the British Royals is a special kind of placement. And since Princess Kate has a habit of wearing her outfits multiple times, Crocs can reasonably keep an eye peeled to see if the shoes make a repeat appearance.

It also brings up the possibility that Crocs might want to better target children with their marketing. Right now on Twitter, they’re talking up some sort of water slide runway show stunt that they did, which is great, but very gimmicky.

Even better, they’ve got a Minions movie tie in with these shoes.

Not only do the shoes target kids, but they’re in keeping with the Minion styles that we couldn’t help but notice in other places.

From IG: "yahoostyle#shoecrushtuesday who's loving these #minion shoes by Rupert Sanderson that Sandra Bullock wore yesterday?"
From IG: “yahoostyle#shoecrushtuesday who’s loving these #minion shoes by Rupert Sanderson that Sandra Bullock wore yesterday?”

Parents are looking for something easy and cute for the kiddies, even when the parents are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. With a little bit of creativity, there could be hope for Crocs.