Prince Charles Responds to Chelsea Barracks Ruling, Says He Was Just Looking Out for the Common Man

Following up on our story from earlier this week about a decision in the case over Prince Charles interference last year with Richard Rogers‘ Chelsea Barracks project, the Prince has finally spoken about it. Or rather, his private secretary passed along his response to the judge’s ruling he had crossed one too many lines in trying to persuade a developer to cancel Rogers’ planned project. Summarizing the very short statement, the Prince essentially said that he was just looking out for the public, who didn’t have the power to voice their opposition, so he just lent his. Reporting on the statement, the Guardian summarily tears the Prince apart, pointing out that his letter to the developers “contains no reference to any local opposition” and how, with other architecture projects Charles has been involved with, letters from the general public have largely been ignored. And once more, Rogers and others are quick to remind that the British royalty doesn’t have the legal right to be a political representative of the people, so “acting on behalf of” as it were, doesn’t quite work so well. Elsewhere, the City Comforts blog asks if this recent ruling and rekindling of the Chelsea Barracks fire, could possibly lead to Charles abdicating. The site’s guess is “his own family and the political establishment” will tell him “to stand down and shut up” but because silence has never seemed like his forte, maybe abdicating is the only way he’ll be able to keep arguing. “Far-fetched, but maybe not,” the site leads.