Prince Charles’ Hatred of ‘Modern’ Costs Charity Its New Building

If you take just one thing from reading our humble little blog, here’s that lesson to keep in your back pocket: don’t build modern things on land owned by Prince Charles. Really, don’t. We’ve told you how much he hates anything even remotely modern and he’s just going to screw you over because of it. Such is the case right now in the UK as a children’s charity was trying to have a new building created to replace their old facilities. Unfortunately, even though they had donations to cover the costs, because the design of the new place is described as “a modern building with glass,” the Prince repeatedly rejected it, calling it “budget price” design and requesting the charity hire an architect that the royal liked. And while all of this back and forth happened over the course of several years, the financial collapse happened, the charity’s chief donor had to pull the promised millions to help get the building built and now they’re scrambling to figure out what to do next. So, we remind you again: if you’re going to work with Prince Charles, make sure you don’t ever go modern. Also, probably wise to heed that advice most anywhere in Italy, too.