Primitives Spatial Puzzle Game Launches on Mobile


TabTale’s Crazy Labs publishing brand has announced the launch of Primitives on mobile devices. Developed by WESOME Games, the abstract puzzle experience asks players to guide shapes through and around obstacles to lead them to their destination before running out of time.

In each of the game’s 90+ levels, players draw on the screen to guide a shape around obstacles to collect stars and reach a time clock somewhere on the screen. Levels become increasingly complex as players go along, with spirals, small corridors and other obstacles hiding stars in sometimes tiny spaces.

Players have only a few seconds to reach the time clock with the shape, but aren’t required to collect all three stars to do so. Instead, the stars provide extra challenge, as players may need to replay stages and change their drawing paths to collect them all before running out of time.

primitives 650

Time in Primitives only counts down when the shape is actually moving around the screen. Plus, players can tap anywhere on their drawn path to back up, rewind the clock to that point and try again. This is useful when accidentally drawing a path at the wrong angle, so users can back up and draw the correct line the next time around, without restarting the entire stage from the beginning.

Eventually, obstacles themselves begin to move, and color-changing elements create new barriers, so players may need to observe more than they act.

Primitives is available to download for free on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The game joins others under the new Crazy Labs brand, including Tip Tap Monsters and Hockey Mania – Disky. These apps target older audiences, while TabTale’s traditional focus is on children’s entertainment apps and games.