Pricing Determined for Tweets from Firehose

As part of a partnership announced in November, Twitter has begun selling access to tweets directly from the firehose. The company in charge of allowing customers access to Twitter’s firehose, Gnip, announced last week the pricing model for receiving a constant stream of tweets related to a keyword.

ReadWriteWeb reports that Gnip has set the price for access keyword-containing tweets at 10 cents per one thousand tweets, in addition to a $2,000 a month rental fee.

This fee covers access to as many tweets as a customer wants, as they can define one, two, or twenty keywords.

ReadWriteWeb spoke to the founder of Gnip, and discovered that there are currently 24 customers using the private beta version of this twitter stream technology. Interestingly, the founder claims that some customers are paying monthly bills in six figures.

This has serious implications for any prospect of a sustainable business model for Twitter. Prior to last April, the company had no revenue streams whatsoever – now they are selling access to tweets directly from the firehose, as well as offering Promoted Products to businesses.

Twitter appears to be amping up its revenue sources for the long-term. While neither Promoted Products nor selling tweets would likely be enough to sustain the company alone, together they offer an interesting bargain for businesses: get insight into what people are tweeting about, and then put your own tweets right in front of their eyes. This combination will likely lead to a huge revenue boost for Twitter in the coming years.