Prices Revealed for the Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft may have had trouble making up their minds the time today when they would open the Surface tablet for pre-orders, but it looks like they finally decided.  The product listing is now available for all to see and be disappointed.

When Microsoft unveiled the Surface tablet several months ago, many people were hoping that Microsoft would price them to be competitive with Android tablet. There were some rumors being bandied about that the cheapest Surface tablet might cost $200. That didn’t happen. The cheapest model is priced the same as the current iPad, but if you want the keyboard/cover it will cost you an extra $100.

While some (including Apple fanboys) will heap scorn on the Surface tablet because of the price, I don’t think it’s a bad price. Aside from the screen resolution, this tablet has specs in the same ballpark as the iPad. It also has more ports, card slots, and runs Windows. Put all these details together and this tablet is a tempting purchase.

True, this tablet costs more than most premium 10″ Android tablets. But the price is not that much higher, and given that Windows is a core capable OS the difference could be worth it.

You can find this tablet on the Microsoft Store website. Pre-orders are expected to ship before next Friday.