#PRFail: Meet the Woman Who Thought MH370 Could Help Sell Business

pray_for_mh370MH370 — By now, we all know what this means. It represents Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and the real-life episode of “Lost” that is slowly unraveling before the world’s eyes.

Did it fly under the radar? Did it swap frequencies with a learjet? Is it off the coast of Australia? No one knows. And the thing that is more upsetting than the whereabouts of the plane is the fact that the national news could give two craps less about its cargo — 239 people.

Amazing how that is a secondary story. At any rate, there is something in the world of MH370 that’s even more revolting that. And it came from a sports job company in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Prepare to get classy.

So, I’m reviewing my ever-changing timeline yesterday when one of my faves, the great Scott Stratten of UnMarketing fame, sends this blast. My mouse stopped scrolling. My mouth dropped open. And head just shook on a swivel. Ready?

Yeah. No words for whatever moth balls this chick was huffing, unless it was that still, small voice in her head rumbling, “Damn, it’s dark in here!” On what bizarro world was this schmaltzy copy a good idea?

And then, to make things even awesomer (for us, no one really cares about her right now), she um, apologizes to Scott?

“Noticing.” Like, “I’ll go back and review annnnd whoops ‘i before e,’ I’m sorry” noticed? That’s blatantly using the biggest aviation mystery ever next to “How’d the Wright Boys get that thing off the ground” for bad copy and an even worse idea.

That’s TeamWork Online, if you need them. And right now, I doubt anyone will raise a hand for that. However, some may raise a finger. (You think she got my reference?)