Prezly Launches New Data-Focused Mobile CRM

prezly-logo-facebookshareYou may have missed it at the end of the year, but online media distribution/analysis service Prezly has entered the UK market with a new CRM system launched via founding client H+K Strategies in London.

The release claims this new product will “help agencies escape Excel hell” and presto, we’re intrigued.

That line, of course, refers to Prezly’s cloud-based contact database feature, which presumably eliminates the need for such cumbersome spreadsheets. One of the new system’s big selling points is a greater focus on mobile; the newsrooms and press releases (like this one for Lexus, which our own Elizabeth Mitchell happened to cover) are “responsive” in that they adjust to mobile devices and include multimedia assets like images, videos and Twitter conversations.

Prezly’s own Jesse Wynants tells us why this new product matters to PR after the jump:

“Prezly presents PR professionals with a really efficient way to handle their media relations activity, with great-looking newsrooms, easy-to-use distribution tools and database management systems. However, it’s the analytics dashboard that we think adds the most value and could really make waves in the industry. We are providing users with the kind of data tools that have revolutionized marketing, turning the PR craft into more of a science and giving professionals the valuable data they need in order to increase efficiency and inform future practice.”

Wynants further explained the analytics to us: the Prezly contact page tracks a user’s response to each release and notes his/her behavior on social, thereby allowing PRs to get a better sense of said contact’s interests in order to better target releases.

Here’s a screenshot:


A note, in case you weren’t aware: Prezly already launched in the US. Here’s a sample release created in November by MSL Group for client Fancy Feast.

What do we think? Have we used Prezly in the past?