Preview Screenshots of Facebook for iPhone 2.0

Facebook today released a preview of version 2.0 of Facebook iPhone application. The upshot? Both the home page and profile page in Facebook for iPhone will look and feel a lot more similar to the redesigned Facebook home page and profile page.

Still not included in any of the Facebook for iPhone mocks are ads. With iPhone rapidly gaining share in the mobile web market, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Facebook include ads in its mobile products in the next year – particularly to take advantage of the iPhone’s GPS data. Mobile ad network AdMob is giving away $1 million to iPhone developers, so it’s clear that the market is developing quickly.

Home – The home page will have a full News Feed, along with access to filtered views of the News Feed, like Status Updates, Posted Items, and Events.

Notifications – Notifications are now available. When it’s available, Facebook for iPhone will take advantage of Apple’s new “push” service, which will allow Facebook to push notification alerts to your phone when you’re not using the Facebook iPhone app.

Profiles – Profiles now have tabs, like the Facebook website redesign. Feed comments are accessible both here and on the home page.

Find more on the Facebook for iPhone application page.

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