Preview of GroupMe Available Now On Windows Phone 7

GroupMe is a popular group messaging and sharing app that has been available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry smartphones for some time. Today a preview of the Windows Phone 7 version of GroupMe was released to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

If you are not familiar with GroupMe, it basically provides distribution lists for messages. You create a group, in which you put your friends, and then when you send a message to the group, everyone in the group receives the message and can respond to the message. If you are running the GroupMe app on your phone, you receive the message directly within the app, otherwise you can receive and send messages via SMS.

According to GroupMe, the Windows Phone version has been highly desired, calling it one of the most requested features they have ever received. The preview is missing some of GroupMe’s main features, such as picture sharing, but it does support creating groups and sending messages to groups. No timeframe has been provided for when a full version of GroupMe will be made available for Windows Phone 7.