Pretty Simple Games announces Criminal Case for iOS


French developer Pretty Simple Games has revealed its plans to bring its wildly successful Facebook game Criminal Case to iOS. The hidden object game follows players through their rise to the top of the detective world, collecting evidence and solving cases with a bit of help from friends.

Speaking with Inside Network at Casual Connect, Pretty Simple confirmed the game’s mobile development, and that it’s tentatively targeted for release in January 2014.

“Just like every casual game, people want to be able to play it when and where they want — not only in front of the computer,” said Serge Versille, head of marketing and communication at Pretty Simple. “When we’re talking about an investigation game like Criminal Case, which has a strong hidden object aspect, adapting the game makes it look really good on iPhone and iPad. It’s a bit of work, but we want our players to be able to enjoy it in their couch or on their iPad or on the bus.”

According to our app tracking service AppData, Criminal Case is currently the number three app on Facebook, and the number two game, with 34 million monthly active players.


Responding to the game’s success, Versille added, “It’s overwhelming. When you look at the player groups, and the way they present themselves and talk to one another, it’s as if they’re in a precinct. It’s really cool and they really like also the characters we’ve created in the story. The gameplay at its core is hidden object, but the story component is really strong. To put out an investigation each week, there’s almost 30 people working on it. We have writers and artists just really working hard to put out this content.”

In response to the success of Criminal Case, Facebook gaming giant Zynga has released a similar title of its own: Hidden Shadows. So far, that game has failed to take off, and has yet to break one million players.

Criminal Case is now available to play for free on Facebook. You can continue to track its progress via AppData, our tracking tool for mobile and social games and developers.