Pretty Pre-Perestroika Propaganda Art!

01_current_issue_hst.gifHow’s that for some early-afternoon alliteration? However, it’s appropo for the stunning 1930s-era Soviet children’s book illustrations you’ll find inside the cover of the latest Print Magazine. If you’re a sucker for old-timey prints of just about any kind, you’ll want to check out the story about these mostly Red (pun intended) pictures. Since we weren’t able to find an image of one of these engravings online, we uploaded an image of the cover instead. You’ll have to actually read the rag if you want to see these vintage pieces of artwork. Sorry! These Communist pieces of art were initially welcomed during the Depression, then later reviled, according to the article that accompanies the graphics. Now they’re being compiled into a book titled Russian Children’s Books Illustrated 1881-1939 to be published in Moscow. We’d love to have that on our bookshelf!