Preston Sturges’ Son Tries His Hand at Novel Writing

The current profession of P.G. Sturges sounds like something straight out of one of dad’s Golden Age screwball comedies. When not writing novels, Preston Sturges’ 57-year-old son works for the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Corona as a “dimensional metrologist.”

Even though P.G. has come late to the family game with Shortcut Man, a debut detective novel published February 1st, there are already plans for two sequels. In this opening gambit, problem-solving protagonist Dick Henry is hired to ferret out the man sleeping with a porn producer’s wife. The catch is that the philanderer is Henry himself. From David Ulin’s weekend interview piece in the LA Times:

Sturges first wrote the [Shortcut Man] story as a screenplay in the mid-1990s. He’d been trying to make it in the screen trade for nearly a decade at that point, since the end of his naval service in 1985…

“To me,” Sturges says, “being a writer is one of the great professions because you have to bring your full self to bear… I have a great ambition within me. Dad died when he was [60], so I look at that as a benchmark. There are happy, hopeful days.”

Preston died when P.G. was just six-years-old, so the latter has come to know dad through his classic movies. Bittersweet, to say the least.