PressReader for iOS updated – Next Edition Might be a Web App

NewspaperDirect has announced an update for its newspaper app for the iphone and iPad. PressReader is a subscription based reading app that lets you pay 1 subscription fee and read from 17 hundred newspapers from around the globe. PressReader is available for iOS, Android, Black berry, Windows, and OSX.

The latest version of PressReader for iOS brings functionality and performance enhancements, but there’s no mention of new features.

In other news, I’ve been told that NewspaperDirect has started working harder on the next version of the PressReader app, and that it was spurred forward by Apple.

I asked NewspaperDirect what it was going to do about Apple’s new requirement for in-app purchases, and this is what I was told: “We’re also developing a new release of PressReader based on HTML5 so users can still access all their favorite titles throught the browser and save them to their device for later reading offline. We are covered on a number of bases for readers.”