Presser With Gov. Cuomo’s Girlfriend is Brought to an Abrupt End

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo being sworn in with Sandra Lee by his side. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

New York’s new Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a very blonde girlfriend named Sandra Lee who is also the host of two Food Network programs, Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee and Sandra’s Money Saving Meals. Just one more reason We Heart New York.

Today, she was also the host of a press conference that was quickly brought to an end when one of the reporters did his job and asked about Lee’s relationship with the Governor. Video after the jump.

As our colleague at TVSpy points out, the press release for the event states that Lee is using “her added notoriety as Governor Andrew Cuomo’s significant other to raise awareness of hunger in New York State.”

The press conference starts as usual with talk about her history working for the cause. Then one question about the impact of her relationship with Gov. Cuomo leads to another from a local reporter and…

“PR Person Julia” to the rescue! Thank goodness for the invisible PR Person Julia.

“Is that a fair question?” the reporter asks. We think it is. One would think that Lee and her peoples would already be prepared for these questions.