Presser with Chicken & Waffles, for “Violently Shot” Client

After being “violently shot,” according to a media alert sent to us from publicist Todd Scott, hip-hop mogul B-Fly (Sherani Capricia Taylor) combined her reunion with her family after release from the hospital, with a press avail, and with chicken and waffles. A three-fer.

The event took place today at 11 AM Pacific today at Roscoe’s on West Pico in L.A. We’re awaiting response from Scott on who covered the gathering.

Another blogger gave Scott a call all the way from Australia and found out he used a borrowed media list (i.e. bloggers in Cision with PR as a beat).

Though no one wants to get shot, even gently! So don’t use bcc blasts. Or do–B-Fly just got two placements and she didn’t even buy us a waffle.

[Roscoe’s sign via LA Curbed]

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