Press Decides Obama Kool-Aid Not Their Favorite Drink, After All

2008_02_snlobhil.jpgAfter months of being touted as the second coming of JFK/Abraham Lincoln/the Messiah, Illinois Senator Barack Obama is reportedly being brought back down to earth by the very people that lifted him up so high in the first place. No, not Oprah Winfrey. Not the Kennedy’s, either. But that ever fickle bunch, the all-powerful Media.

According to the Washington Post journalists eventually got tired of hearing they had a crush on Obama all the “talk about him [Obama] getting such an easy ride,” and so, twelve months into the campaign season, they decided to do a little digging. The article goes on to suggest it was the Jeremiah Wright scandal that eventually proved to be the tipping point in terms of increased press scrutiny.

His long association with Wright prompted journalistic questions, however belated, about what Obama believes.

Emphasis added.

Neither the candidate or his aides are particulary thrilled it would seem at this increased scrutiny.

Obama aides, for their part, are somewhat taken aback at the abrupt turn of events. They didn’t mind the pundits declaring for weeks that Clinton had virtually no chance to win the nomination, but now believe the result is a huge imbalance in the level of media scrutiny.

Though one has to wonder if by “huge imbalance” they are really referring to, say, some objectivity. Meanwhile, the the jury’s still out on whether Hillary Clinton’s refusal to quit is actually representative of “her brittleness, her coldness” or whether it’s an example of her “toughness” and “tenacity.”