Press Conference: Rambo Prefers Less “Popular,” Quieter Wars; and Matt Damon Has No Muscle

Sly Stallone’s press conference in Rome this week to promote the new Rambo had quite a bit of substance. Watch the clip. The lesson is get your comments straight and prepare a bit, foreign press corps or not. The stuff still ends up on youtube.

The veiny, 401k-drawing-aged actor discussed the educational aspects of his film, why the Rambo character works well with less “popular” wars (he used air-quotes), characterizes such classic action films like Spartacus as “simple,” and why CGI-laced films of today are less physical. There is “less emphasis today on muscle and more on technology” according to Stallone, referring to the admittedly fantastic Jason Bourne movies.

Note to publicist and media trainer:

8,000 real Spanish soldiers were used in the battle scenes in Spartacus

It’s been well reported that Matt Damon was pretty physical in the making of the Bourne trilogy

Bourne director Paul Greengrass is not a fan of CGI or green screen, and films in insanely real locations

Rambo is a big fan of testosterone and the HGH

In a shred of fairness to the fightin’ Stallion, the movie is bringing some extra awareness of the government oppression in Myanmar.