Presidio Museum Land Battle is About to Get Worse

By the end of this year, we’re guessing that Don Fisher is going to be the least popular person in San Francisco. At last we heard, the Presidio Trust was deciding that they should probably break up his proposed plans to build the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio (or whatever it’s being called now) within the federal park and make it a collection of smaller, less obstructive structures, or alternately, move it somewhere else entirely . Now we learn that the Trust has proposed that Fisher could possibly plan for a much larger building in a slightly different location, leading to the demolision of a preschool, a senior center, an exhibition hall, a bowling alley and all of the tennis courts. So how did this all go over with the public at large? That’s a silly question. The San Francisco Chronicle has this op-ed from David Bancroft with an update of all the major complaints, some new, some old. Well worth the read, as this is becoming the most interesting museum-building news story of recent times.