Presidents & Assholes is the Social “Drinking Game” on Facebook

Okay, okay, be honest. How many of you played drinking games in college? If that is the case, then you might recognize this game: Presidents & Assholes. Well, now there is a version on Facebook as well and it comes complete with cards, tables, and a virtual buzz.

For the benefit of those that don’t know, the object of this card game is to get rid of all of your cards as soon as possible. Normally, you play with four people and deal out an entire, standard, deck of cards, and the first one finished is the “president” and the last one is the “asshole.”

Playing the game, both in reality and in this application, is fairly simple. When a player puts down a set of cards (such as two fours), the next player (moving clockwise) must put down the same number of cards at a higher rank or be forced to pass. The game continues as such until someone is declared the “asshole.”

Seeing as how this is a drinking game, the developers at Webware Group, have incorporated a charming little feature that equates to a virtual buzz (or worse). When players create a game, they have the option to make it a “normal” or “drinking” game. Should it be dubbed a drinking version, those rules come into effect. Each time a player passes a turn during the game, they have to take a drink. Well, what happens when you drink? In this app, it becomes harder and harder to see each time (hmm, does this sound familiar to anyone?), thus making the game more challenging for the drunkard. Furthermore, should anyone play four of a kind, everyone ends up drinking.

It may seem minor, but little bits of polish like this in games goes a long way, especially in social games. For example, when you drink in World of Warcraft,  the game becomes blurry, players get tunnel vision, their characters don’t walk straight, and they slur their words. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things but it’s a ton of fun, and such a feature for Presidents & Assholes could go a long way as well.

Of course, the game also contains other elements beyond “alcohol.” Advanced players can become “High Rollers” when they start to acquire large numbers of chips, and also lets players earn rewards and trophies by playing and winning. All of this is displayed in a profile section for each player, and can be shown off amongst friends, in-game buddies, as well as your standard leader boards.

So far, the game seems pretty solid, but seeing as it is a new game, it has one serious flaw. In order to start any game, you need four players. This wouldn’t be an issue once the game starts to get traffic, but until then it will cause some issues for initial growth. If people can’t play when they check it out, they may not come back. As such, bots would be nice in order to fill that void until such a time that player count is not an problem.

Again, the game is new, so low traffic is expected. The game is made nicely, and looks clean and polished. Furthermore, it adds a nice change to the more common poker games out there, and one can only hope for more card game varieties that look as nice to arise in the future.