President Trump in a Truck + Postponed ACA Repeal Vote = Instant Meme

Beep beep

Two things were happening at roughly the same time today.

The first was the news that the House of Representatives decided to delay the vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act because Republicans have not been able to get enough votes in support of its replacement, the American Health Care Act.

The second was a meeting between President Trump and a group of truckers on the White House lawn, complete with trucks. From the pool report by Baltimore Sun’s John Fritze:

The president then hopped up into one of the trucks. He hit the horn a couple of times, closed the driver side door and waved to the press from the window. After handshaking, the president walked toward the West Wing and was back inside the White House at 3:08 p.m.

The most important part of this was the visual.

This photo, for example:

And these:

And this video:

Which is all to say this was a ripe opportunity for meme-ification.

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