President of LACMA, Melody Kanschat, to Leave Museum in May


Generally and comparatively speaking, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art weathered the financial crisis of the last few years relatively unscathed. Sure, there was that big to-do about their cutting back on their film program, but that eventually died down (even though issues remained) and they ended 2010 strong with the opening of their new Renzo Piano-designed Resnick Pavilion (never mind the other news from around that time that they’ve also decided to stop planned expansions until more donations start coming in). Through the smooth and rocky points, right in the very middle of it for the past five years, was LACMA’s president and chief operating officer Melody Kanschat, who has been with the museum for more than twenty years in various capacities. However, that’s to come to an end soon, as the LA Times reports that Kanschat has announced that she will be leaving the museum in May. A reason hasn’t been given, other than that she plans “to fully explore [her] own career interests.” The paper continues, saying that the museum plans to reorganize over the next few months and the organization’s higher-ups will soon report to Michael Govan.