President Obama’s Oops Of The Day, Courtesy Of Knoller

You know how he loves those teleprompters. CBS’ Mark Knoller tweets about a mishap with President Obama’s telepromtor at an event today:

Obama Oops of the Day: As he’s delivering speech to urban officials, one of his TelePrompTer screens falls off its stand with a loud clang.

about 2 hours ago from web

Obama had to deliver the rest of his remarks mostly looking right – at the one remaining TelePrompTer screen.

about 2 hours ago from web

the TelePrompTer screen actually broke into a number of pieces when it hit the floor. no injuries, except WH communications agency’s pride.

about 2 hours ago from web

The plunge of the TelePrompTer screen confirmed the presence of gravity in the Eisenhower Executive Office Bldg adjacent to the WH.

about 1 hour ago from web

>>MORE: Video, courtsey of Politico. We must say… Obama is smooth. A casual “sorry about that” and he just forged on, reading just from his right.