President Obama Invites Mitt Romney to the White House for Lunch: Who’s Covering it Best?

It’s a big deal that POTUS invited Mitt Romney over for lunch at the White House this afternoon. The event is closed to press, so outlets tried to have some fun with the story. HuffPost’s Sam Stein tweeted, “Tomorrow, I will dress up as a waiter/butler and will try to maneuver my way in towards serving Obama/Romney during their lunch.”

Fantasyland…WaPo’s Alexandra Petri imagined what the lunch would have been like if she was there. Imagine lots of awkward banter and nervous laughter from Romney.

Others took the matter more seriously…Wonky…Yahoo’s Scott Bomboy conjured up “Five Theories About Obama’s Meeting With Romney.” Some of those include getting advice on business issues and enlisting him in the fiscal cliff debate (YAWN!). One theory is that Obama might ask Romney about a Cabinet position. That idea got legs and SiriusXM’s Jared Rizzi even asked Jay Carney about it at Wednesday Press Briefing. (Carney quickly shot that rumor down.)

Interesting…The Atlantic dug into the archives and came up with a very awkward visual history of Presidents lunching with the opponents they defeated.

Laughable…Then, there’s Politico. Edward Isaac-Dovere’s story previewing the event had this headline: “Not on the Obama-Romney lunch menu: Friendship.” Besides the laughable headline, it gives them no chance at being best buds! Who knows? Maybe these once-proud fighters can find common ground and join forces for good. Just look at all the good work George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been doing! OK, so maybe we’re being a little optimistic.

No one has tackled what the menu will be for the event. Obviously, no beer will be served since Romney is a buzzkill teetotaler. There are the obvious choices of serving up crow or humble pie, but it doesn’t really matter what Obama gives Mitt to eat.

Romney already got served on Election Day.