President Obama Plans to Provide 98% of Americans with 4G Coverage in 5 Years

The White House released this statement yesterday:

President Obama Details Plan to Win the Future through Expanded Wireless Access

Here’s the bullet point version of the Fact Sheet:

1. Provide high-speed 4G wireless service to 98 percent of Americans within five years (2016)
2. Double the wireless spectrum available for mobile broadband by freeing up the 500MHz portion of the spectrum
3. $3 billion of the money paid to the government for access to the 500MHz spectrum will be used for wireless technology R&D
4. Develop and deploy a nationwide wireless network for public safety
5. Use $10 billion from the wireless spectrum auction to reduce the deficit

If you are interested in the public safety aspect, you may want to listen to the conversation I had with the FCC’s Robert Kenny about Next Generation 911 in December 2010.

Podcast 47: Next Generation 911 Discussion with the FCC’s Robert Kenny